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Studio Classes begin in 2023! Please sign up below for email updates!

Show me that a seed is planted there and I shall expect miracles.
Henry Thoreau
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The Signature Artist Class

This class is designed for students and adults who show exceptional motivation.  The course will teach students the foundations of drawing in various media including graphite, charcoal, pastel and ink.  They will learn color mastery in practice with pastel and painting  in both acrylic and oil as well as mixed media applications.  The class will focus on helping students discover their own artistic style, imagery and preferences in the world as artists.  It will also teach students how to become creative entrepreneurs through product development and marketing strategies for their art.  This class is limited to 10 students per year. 

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Foundations in Art for Adults & Teens

 Drawing, Composition & Color Mastery

with Solvent Free Oil Painting

A Stroke of Genius: Seven Steps to Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential & Creating Beautiful,

Meaningful and Skillful Art

This class begins Feb 8th from 3:30-5:30

Please contact the studio at 580-606-0488 and leave a text or voice message and we will return your contact the evening of the same day.

This unique course is the culmination of 38 years of living and teaching the arts.  It is designed for beginners and those with intermediate experience. With the beauty of creation as our visual guide you will learn the foundations of all creative arts; seeing as artists see, drawing, composition and color mastery as well as a path to discover your unique creative style and meaningful expression. Participants will create 6 beautiful paintings choosing their own subject matter and guided through unfolding lessons in each creative step with various drawing and oil painting techniques and practices.  When this course is completed you will have a solid foundation for all your art endeavors and the freedom to enjoy your creativity in your own personal style with confidence and peace.

This class will be offered online and in studio.

Please sign up below for email updates on registration information!

We each have a miracle within us, perhaps more than one.  We may not part the waters, but we can do something so inspiring, so loving, that it sets in motion acts of generous kindness that roll through time like music dancing on air.

Steven Charleston         

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