Workshops & Events

Awaken Your Creativity with Expressive Painting

Enjoy this painting experience of creative freedom

with the art of acrylic painting on canvas....

enjoy colors & the process of painting

as a creative discovery.

Coming this Fall

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9:00-12:00 noon

Facilitated by Artist Jennifer Steil

Adults and previous experience or special talent necessary!

Tuition of $45.00 

Bring your choice of acrylic paints and canvas. 

The studio will provide the rest!

Recommended paints and canvas size will be provided!

Contact us for reservations!

The Art of Oil Painting Still Life with Gay Faulkenberry

This workshop promises to be a fabulous

2 day oil painting experience 

 with Gay Faulkenberry,

renowned on the American and European fronts for her

plein-air landscape painting and

studio painting of  intimate still life, florals and interiors. 

Coming this Fall

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Friday and Saturday 

9:00-4:30 each day

Workshop will include demonstrations by Gay and in studio painting.

Tuition is $250.00 for the full workshop.

For more information, enrollment and reservation tickets, contact us 

580-606-0488, or message us on facebook

We look forward to beautiful days of painting!

Saturday Morning Drawing Workshops

Enjoy the Art of Beautiful Drawing Inspired by Nature

In these workshops you will discover the wonder of drawing to enhance your life and your creative endeavors. You will learn skills and techniques that will enable you to draw and shade with pencil and charcoal from images that inspires you.

Facilitated by Artist, Jennifer Steil

No special talent or previous experience needed!

 Coming this Fall

please subscribe to Cedar Cove Email contacts

to receive scheduling information

Adults and Teens...8 spaces available

Tuition of $45.00 for class includes materials.

Contact us for enrollment and to purchase reservation tickets.

580-606-0488, or message us on facebook

Paint Your Pet

We paint dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas, fish, horses and more!

No worries about previous drawing or painting skills.  Send us a digital photo of your pet 5 days in advance and we will draw your pet on your canvas for you before you arrive. We will guide you through the fun of painting during your time at the studio.  We provide an 11 X 14  canvas, acrylic paint and supplies. Cost is only $59.00 for a great three hour studio experience and an original painting by YOU!

Paint Your Pet is currently being offered by private party reservation

of 5-6 participants.

Contact us for reservations and event tickets 

580-606-0488 or

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