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Hand Built Pottery

Enjoy the relaxing experience of creating with clay.  The options are endless. We invite you to choose from the ideas below or create from your very own ideas.  If you can imagine it, we can help you create it!  We offer various types of clay and glaze options for your creative work.  All costs include two relaxing and fun hours of studio experience, clay, materials and first kiln firing.  Glazing requires an additional cost which includes one hour of creative studio experience, glaze solution and a second kiln firing.  Glazed pieces create pottery that is dinnerware safe, dishwasher safe and weather resistant. Pottery is durable for generations to come. 

Coffee, Tea and Soup Mugs

Mugs can be created in a variety of sizes, shapes and textural designs.  Create your very own unique mugs!   

Small mug  $25.00

Medium mug  $30.00

Large Mug $35.00

X Large Mug $40.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00 for small and medium mugs

                                           $25.00 for large mugs and X Large mugs


Whimsical Mugs

Mugs can be hand painted with your very own unique designs!  

Costs for this mug are the same as above.

Decorative Bowls

Bowls can be formed in all shapes and sizes with endless designs.  Letter type messages can be added to them.   

3 small bowls $35.00

One medium bowl is $25.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00


Platters can be made with simple and beautiful designs, cut in various shapes and sizes and finished with colorful refined glazes or rustic surfaces.

Small Platters are $25.00

Medium Platters are $30.00

Large Platters are $35.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00 for small platters

                                          $25.00 for medium platters

                                          $28.00 for large platters

Unique vases

These unique vases are made using rolled out clay slabs  and can be designed with endless patterns and textures.  Letter type can be pressed into the clay to create meaningful words and phrases.

Medium size vases are $30.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00

Beautiful Birdhouses

Bird houses come in all sizes and shapes.  You can choose a design or create your own design.  Bird houses are a timeless treasure.

Medium bird houses as seen in this picture are $55.00

Glazing is an additional $25.00

Whimsical Bird Houses

These whimsical birdhouses can be designed in numerous ways and with endless textures and themes.  

Medium bird houses as seen in this picture are $45.00.

Glazing is an additional $20.00

Small Bird Houses

These small bird houses make wonderful hanging homes for small birds or decoration.

Cost for a small birdhouse is $25.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00

Whimsical Clay Whistles

Clay whistles can be created in a variety of designs and formed into a variety of animals!  

Whistles cost $25.00

Glazing is an additional $15.00

Small Treasure Boxe

These beautiful treasure boxes can be tailored with designs and words that are meaningful to you. They can be made in a variety of shapes and textural patterns.

Small treasure boxes are $25.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00

Medium Treasure Box

Create a wonderful medium sized treasure box with your own designs and figures!

Costs are the same as above.

Medium Treasure Boxes are $35.00


Glazing is an additional $25.00

Round Nesting Box

This round nesting box can be created in a full variety of textures and surface designs.  

It is beautiful glazed or unglazed.  

Small nesting box is $25.00

Medium nesting box is $30.00

glazing is an additional $20.00 for small nesting box

                                          $25.00 for medium nesting box

Rustic unglazed vase

These natural clay vases are great for holding dry materials, dry flowers or objects such as pens and pencils.  

These small unglazed vases can be made simply for $25.00

Natural Angels

Clay angels are a favorite of the studio.  They can be made in all sizes and shapes and designed uniquely by each artisan.  They are a joy and treasure.  They are beautiful glazed and unglazed.

Angels up to 11" tall are $45.00

Glazing is an additional $25.00


Clay Flat Works

Flat clay works can be created into endless designs.  They can become necklaces, magnets, broach pins, decorative pieces, tiles, essential oil diffusers and much more.  Letter type can be pressed into them to create meaningful messages. They can be designed for glaze or left unglazed.

A two hour session of several small flat works is $35.00

One medium flat work is $25.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00

Earth Home Tiles

These beautiful tiles can be incorporated into home tile works for both decorative and functional uses.

A two hour session of several small clay tile works is $35.00

one medium clay tile is $25.00

Glazing is an additional $20.00

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